First, from the point of view of a builder, what a luxury to not worry about any blemish, ding, mis-color or any other issue the another builder would label as ‘B’ stock, relic’d or just discard and start over.  I’ve observed that most relic’d guitars are comprised of lesser figured woods.  There is a substantial market for these guitars.

I am not of the group that prefers these guitar finishes although I have an old Silvertone (Danelectro) in pieces and I haven’t reassembled it yet.  Someone started to refinish it by sanding part of the back and then stopped.  I’ll leave it just as it is.

I am of the group that loves a beautiful finish on gorgeous wood.  I am a wood guy.  It is my preference and I can tell you that those finishes don’t come easy.  A builder who I highly admire is David Thomas McNaught.  His colors and finishes are stunning.

On the philosophical side, the relic’d guitar presents itself as having lived a life that it hasn’t.  Every cherished guitar that has been dinged or dented or dropped has an accompanying story that is easily recounted by it’s owner.  Beautiful, even pristeen expensive instruments are meant to used to create music for the inspiration of the player and journeys of the listeners.