Jonas Gerigk

From Hamburg, Germany, guitarist for the German band Denmantau, Jonas Gerigk has toured the world ‘round performing 2000+ gigs performing the band’s engaging and energetic ‘Bohemian Dance/Rock music. The name DenManTau originates from a dying language in northern Germany often used by sailors, the word meaning, “all hands on deck.”

The band found their way to the heart of the musical empire in California over three years ago with the help of their vehicle, Flinch, an ’89 Chevy van. Denmantau was honored to perform on the NAMM main stage and while at the show,

Jonas connected with King Blossom Guitars and now plays a custom RPG-RS hollow body

Christian Vegh

Christian Vegh has been referred to as a “young guitar prodigy with an old soul” the “type of young artist that will shape Canadian music for the next 50 years” and the “hottest young guitar player in the nation”.

In 2016 Christian Vegh was awarded the 2016 “Charles McDaniel Award” from the American & Canadian Federation of Musicians, he was also named to the “Brotherhood of the Guitar”,  received the 2016 Biz X International Magazine “Artist of the Year” award.He was also a semi-finalist in the worldwide International Songwriting Competition. “ISC has the most prestigious panel of judges of all the songwriting and music contests in the world”. Christian was chosen in three categories for Blues and Unsigned for “Chains in Mind” and Instrumental “The Farm”.

Christian plays his Signature Windsor-CV 7-string hollow body.


He is a Grammy nominated, award winning stellar live performer, fusing Hawaiian, Jazz, Rock, Funk, & World music. Whether performing live or producing in the studio, Halemanu’s unique musical vision reaches far beyond conventional borders, creating music that can be enjoyed by all. Halemanu plays a custom hollow body Model 1.

World Music category Grammy nominated album: ‘So The Story Goes’

Jazz Infused Rock & Roll Ukulele and Guitar Filled with positive vibes, toe tapping grooves, spiced with Hawaiian flavors. You can check out the album at this link here

Paul ‘Riffguy’ Quenneville

Hailing from Ontario, Canada, Paul is a guitar virtuoso with millions of views on YouTube.

Paul owns and plays a custom model that was a two year collaboration which resulted in the King Blossom RGM. It embodies the design features of 3 well-know guitars: the horns of the Gibson SG, the carved top of a Les Paul and 6 in-line tuners of the Fender Stratocaster. Paul plays his Signature RGM.

Jeremy Wilcox: C3 Tri-Cities

Jeremy Wilcox

Jeremy grew up playing in local bands and in worship teams at the larger churches in the Tri-Cities area of Washington State. He played for the newly-signed Chris Culver band/Mantle. After a short time in that band he decided to try his hand at country music and played/wrote/produced for two aspiring and talented singers, Kelly James and Kate Turner.

In 2015 Jeremy joined the band, Beyond Today, and appeared on the album Artificial Heart. Since then he has been focused on writing and producing new projects.

Dariné - touring artist

Dariné is a touring artist having just returned from a Quincy Jones residency in Dubai with Shameka Dwight and recently returned from tour with Normani.  She plays a gorgeous bronze top Hard Cider from the Orchard Series by King Blossom Guitars.

Collin Keller - Rosie The Rage

Passionate, dedicated and energetic songwriter, touring/session guitarist, and vocalist who specializes in creative and contagious pop music. Collin Keller is a Berklee College of Music graduate living in Los Angeles, CA. As lead guitarist and co songwriter for “Rosie the Rage” and “luhx.” he has performed at major festivals like Montreal’s Osheaga, as well as collect of over 2 million streams on his original projects. Collin plays a custom birch bark top Modern Telecaster.

Jonathan Orriols

Jonathan Orriols is a Miami-based guitarist versed in a number of styles including jazz, rock, blues, and metal. He has played with some of the best in South Florida as well as a number of international acts in addition to leading his own trio.

In addition to performing, Jonathan has created master classes for Jazz Guitar Society and is also editor for Jazz Guitar Lessons

Jonathan plays a custom Model 1 solid body.

Keith White - Will Black Band

Hailing from Bermuda, Keith White owns 2 custom electric King Blossoms: a beautiful Koa top Les Paul and a sweet carved top Les Paul with a single Lollar P90. He has been an integral part of several bands including:
 Crazy Wednesdays
 Voodoo Wahoo
 Will Black and Keith White with 3 tours to Canada, 4 tours to the UK and one tour of the USA

Shiquinn Bell

Shiquinn A. Bell is a studio session guitarist, performer, as well as musician for various churches and bands. He has had the pleasure and opportunity of working with many artists of today’s music industry. He gives all praises and thanks to God for his gift and many accomplishments.


Dan Lawson’s reputation as one of America’s premier guitar players speaks for itself. He and his style have evolved into a charismatic blues-rock sound like no other. He is an award-winning singer-songwriter, producer of stylistic depth and emotional resonance.

His album Soldiers of Fortune won Album of the Year (Group) at the 2015 Limelight Music Awards. March 2018 the band was inducted into the Music Museum of New England.

Peter Malick

Peter Malick is a Musician, Producer, Songwriter, Guitarist, and Mix Engineer based in Los Angeles (LA), California. His production skills include Vocal Production, Songwriting and collaboration, Keyboard and Drum programming, Arranging, as well as Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Dobro, and other strings. Peter’s career began in 1967.

He played guitar with blues pianist Otis Spann, who invited Malick to live with his family in Chicago. Over the years, Malick backed up and toured with blues greats such as Muddy Waters, Big Mama Thornton, and John Lee Hooker. Later, Malick was a conductor and music director for the national touring company of Hair. Malick next joined the James Montgomery Band, recording First Time Out and High Roller, both for Capricorn Records.

Mike Sisto - Haywire

Mike Sisto – Haywire plays a custom six string hollow body Windsor MS

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