Here’s what others are saying:

KBG #0069 arrived yesterday afternoon in perfect condition. It was everything that I was hoping for, and a whole lot more!

I was really impressed with the quality, the tone , the weight, the feel, and playability of this guitar, and the more I checked it out, the more I was impressed!  I must say, that your craftsmanship on this instrument was nothing less than top notch.

As a long time PRS owner, player, and collector, PRS has been one of the consistent standards by which I assess other guitars, and #0069 definitely checks all of the important boxes!  Every little detail that I inspected was precise, and meticulously crafted!

Great job, on a stunning masterpiece, my Brother! I’m really blessed to have this beautiful instrument in my collection!

– Ron Rocco

…it is the best six string guitar I have ever played…  So many thanks and African Mahogany is amazing!!!  That neck!!  The finish and playability!! was over the top…  (speaking of the left-handed Orchard Series Hard Cider gold top)

– Chris Hussey

I’ve never seen another guitar with the unique traits mine has.  I thought it had all been done before, but I was wrong.  Love Jeff’s artistry and character!

– Jeremy Wilcox

This guitar surprises me every time I plug it in. It’s just a pleasure to play….Hats off to Jeff Figley once again!

– Paul ‘Riffguy’ Quenneville

…this axe wakes up your inner creative juices man.   Think about an axe that has hollow body, Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster everything all in between in one guitar. Jeff Figley is a guitar building mastermind.   (Speaking of the Windsor-RS guitars)

– Shiquinn Bell

King Blossom guitars sound completely honest, the clarity, sustain, and control of these instruments is impeccable. Jeff is a master luthier and his instruments reflect that, this is a person you can put your trust into.

– Christian Vegh
Testimonials May 29, 2011