Plastic Angels at NAMM

Somewhere between 90’s grunge/rock and Pat Benatar is where you will find Plastic Angels.  Known for their power-house vocals, moody rock riffs, and provocative lyrics, Plastic Angels is not your average song writing duo. 
Jeff Lawson & Bethany Pierce began writing together on Cape Cod, MA in 2013 under the name ‘Angry Ginger’.  After nominations for local Limelight Music Awards such as “New Artist of the Year”, “Female Vocalist of the Year”, and “Live Act of the Year”, the pair never looked back.  The result was a name change to Plastic Angels and a debut EP sarcastically titled, “Kings of the World”.  Showcasing a truly raw sound, the two continue to churn out thought-provoking, rock-inspired songs.  Their sophomore release ‘Wake’ brings honesty to a whole new level as they explore themes of power, abuse, and existential crisis.