I am Jeff Figley, I am a custom guitar maker, aka a luthier. My workshop resides on an apple orchard in Grantham, NH. From the outside, you’ll see a working orchard, King Blossom Orchard, with apple trees dating over 125 years, a quaint New England home and barn. However, inside the shop, you’ll find highly technical and precision tools and equipment that allow me to make guitars that are world class in appearance and performance.

Each King Blossom Guitar, whether an Orchard Series guitar or a commissioned one-of-a-kind instrument, is constructed by me, using the highest quality sustainably grown tone woods, deluxe hardware, and high-end finishes. Each guitar is constructed, finished and setup with the utmost care and attention to detail which yields an instrument with superior balance, tone, and playability.

With a 40 year background in woodworking, my familiarity with woods and their qualities guides the selection and construction of each guitar. Each piece of wood has individual tonal characteristics and this is considered in the building process. During the construction phase, I test the tone of the wood as I machine the parts, shape them, sand them and piece them together. This helps to determine the best selection of hardware and finish it should have.

Each and every guitar is hand finished by me, each neck and fretwork is leveled and dressed by me, each setup is done by me to ensure the highest quality instrument with the King Blossom name.

Visit our guitar store to find your favorite, go-to-guitar, for on the road and stage. If you see a few that you’d like to piece together, contact me and let’s put together the instrument you really want.