Any Advice on Buying an Electric Guitar?

You’re ready to buy a nice electric guitar. You’ve gotten past your finger tips hurting and have learned Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple and maybe even Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin. What should you look for when you go shopping for the electric guitar of your dreams? It will be different for everybody but here are a few things I’ve observed as a guy who builds them and has made many custom guitars.

What type of music do you want to play? For metal players the common choices might be an Ibanez, Dean, ESP, or a Jackson. For country players look at Fender and G&L. For rock and roll, check out Gibson, PRS, Rickenbacker and Epiphone. These are choices made according to how the guitars sound and the general type of music it is designed for.

If you are new to guitar playing, don’t hesitate to ask which guitars are the better ones, which ones are a great value. I support the idea of buying a decent guitar to start off because it will always sound good and even better as your skill develops.

For First, it seems common that we start by imagining what we will look like with a particular guitar in hand. We want to look like some guitar player we admire and we aspire to play like they do. “I want to look like and play like Slash so I want a Les Paul. I want to look and play like Eric Clapton so I want a Fender Stratocaster. We practice the riffs and hone our chops and become a bit proficient at playing. Find the guitar that is the color you want, has good action and is well made. By ‘action’ I mean the height of the strings off the fingerboard. When the strings are close to the fingerboard, the guitar will play comfortable and easily. Look closely at the guitars to see if there are any finish blemishes.

Shiquinn Bell with his custom Windsor-RS
Shiquinn Bell with his custom parquet top Windsor-RS hollow body