The vision of King Blossom Guitars began in 1983 when we moved to a small farm in New Hampshire. It incorporated a neglected apple orchard which we revived and still manage today.

I have always had a heart for music.  I started playing guitar in the early 1970’s and sometime along in there, with a professional woodworking background, I decided to make myself an electric guitar.  The guitar would be original, detailed and customized.  I had all the tools and the woodworking experience to achieve my goal.  My journey began by reading a couple of guitar making books.  This was a chance to be artistically creative and to use some of the beautiful woods I had collected.  After a two year, on and off again project, my guitar was finally done.  It was a beautiful guitar and I hoped that it would sound great and play well.  It is still one of my favorite guitars for tone.

My professional guitar building started when my nephew and his friend (a guitar player) came by the wood shop.  The friend played my guitar for two hours and loved it.  He commissioned me to build a custom instrument.  This was the beginning of King Blossom Guitars and I haven’t looked back.  Lutherie has become my passion.

About the name:

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