See you at NAMM

Dan Lawson

Dan Lawson’s reputation as one of America’s premier guitar players speaks for itself. He and his style have evolved into a charismatic blues-rock sound like no other. He is an award-winning singer-songwriter,

Shiquinn A. Bell

Shiquinn A. Bell is a studio session guitarist, performer, as well as musician for various churches and bands. He has had the pleasure and opportunity of working with many artists of today’s music industry. He gives all praises and thanks to God for his gift and many accomplishments.

Windsor Heirloom guitar and amp

For several years, alongside the production of our guitars, we have been in pursuit of the ‘Holy Grail’ of guitar design, which for us is this: an electric guitar that truly sounds acoustic.

Christian Vegh at NAMM

Canadian guitarist, singer, songwriter will join KBG at the NAMM Show and be performing throughout the show at differing venues. Catch up with him at KBG booth 3640 or check the show events listings.

Plastic Angels at NAMM

Somewhere between 90’s grunge/rock and Pat Benatar is where you will find Plastic Angels. Artist duo, Jeff and Bethany Lawson, will perform at the KBG booth 3640 – Friday 1/25 2:30pm

Shelita at NAMM

Shelita Burke is a Pop-Electronic artist and writer based in Los Angeles and Paris, France. She is known for her engaging, collaborative, and spontaneous live performance style.

The Tone


“…this axe wakes up your inner creative juices man.   Think about an axe that has hollow body, Strat, Tele, Jazzmaster everything all in between in one guitar. Jeff Figley is a guitar building mastermind.”   (Speaking of the Windsor-RS guitars)  – Shiquinn Bell

Our Story

The vision of King Blossom Guitars began in 1983 when we moved to a small farm in New Hampshire. It incorporated a neglected apple orchard which we revived and still manage today. With a heart for music and years of woodworking experience, I built myself an original custom guitar which today remains one of my favorites for tone and playability.
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