'World-Class Tone Is No Accident'

'World-class tone is no accident'

Each instrument is unique in it's own right and superior in it's qualities: tone, sustain, and playability.
Contact us to create for you a special guitar to suit your tastes and built to your specifications.

We build world-class guitars for world-class players

“King Blossom guitars sound completely honest, the clarity, sustain, and control of these instruments is impeccable. Jeff is a master luthier and his instruments reflect that, this is a person you can put your trust into.”
-Christian Vegh


  • Hollow mahogany body, figured maple top
  • Proprietary sound holes
  • Direct mount integral tailpiece
  • Direct mount pickups
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Windsor CV

  • Traditional solid body
  • Mahogany or maple body with figured top
  • Mahogany or maple neck
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Santa Barbara

  • Hollow mahogany body, maple top and neck
  • Proprietary sound holes
  •  Graphtech Resomax bridge
  • Matching wood pickup rings
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Model 1 #0018 Custom

  • Chambered mahogany body
  • Big leaf maple burl top
  • Natural sound holes
  • Graphtech Ghost bridge system
  • Matching wood pickup rings
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“This guitar surprises me every time I plug it in. It’s just a pleasure to play….Hats off to Jeff Figley once again!”  -Paul ‘Riffguy’ Quenneville

About Us

The vision of King Blossom Guitars began in 1983 when we moved to a small farm in New Hampshire. It incorporated a neglected apple orchard which we revived and still manage today. My dream, however, was to develop a cabinet shop creating high end projects for discerning clientele. I now had the place to do it, thus began King Blossom Cabinet Shop.